Dream come true <3

I have been planning this for a few days and today is when it happened, I have waited 25 years for such a day.

What is she on about I hear you say? Well today I met….Shriek


Well 1/3 of them being the gorgeous Matt Goss .

Although as a teen i was an avid Brossette i wasn’t allowed to go to concerts and follow them around, but i bought all the magazines, badges, LP’s and the grolsch tops for my shoes.

Grolsch Tops

Grolsch Tops

But now as an adult i am able to go and see him and this is what happened the day my dreams came true…

I travelled from Blackpool to Rochdale to stay with family so i could be closer to the venue which was #HMVMANCHESTER, he was there signing his new album #lifeyouimagine which is a totally different sound to his Bros days but is still an awesome CD (not that I am biased)take a listen here. So this morning started with a 5am wake up call to get the Metrolink to Manchester which arrived at 6.45am and got us to Manchester about 7.30am to get a good spot in the queue, we were about 12th in line. Matt was signing from 10am so we had a bit of a wait (we being myself and Mr 6 who was extremely good waiting outside until we went in), we went inside just before 10 where we continued to queue until the main man arrived. At this point i am feeling nauseous with nerves and excitement when he arrived there were a lot of cheers and he was a vision of lushessness lol.


Didn’t take long until it was our turn to meet Matt, I let Mr 6 go up the steps first where he received an AWWW from the other fans and he was greeted warmly by Matt who asked him for a hug/handshake but Mr 6 was being shy, so i picked him up to be closer to Matt’s level, where Matt proceeded to tickle him, Mr 6 tried to hide his grin.

Being greeted when it was our turn, Matt saying he looks like a movie star

Being greeted when it was our turn, Matt saying he looks like a movie star


Being Tickled

It was after this Matt signed my CD…

My signed CD

My signed CD

After he signed my CD i got my cuddle and it was the best cuddle i didn’t want to let go, hoping there is plenty more of them, he smelt sooo good. I am hoping to go and see him at Caesars Palace for my 40th.




Matt is such a lovely guy, friendly and gently spoken, a real gent. He was so cute with Mr 6, from this experience i have gained some lovely new friends. #MGA


Thank you Matt for coming to my hometown and for the experience, please come back soon we love you xx






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