Gourmet Yoghurts by The Collective


The Collective Dairy was created in New Zealand by two kiwi chefs Ofer and Angus.  And within 10 months it became the best gourmet yoghurt.  The talented chefs teamed up with a couple of entrepreneurs Amelia and Mike from the UK to get their delicious yoghurts in to homes across the UK.

The yoghurts come in 2 sizes 500g/170g(RRP £2.39/£1)with a variety of flavours and a few limited edition flavours which changes periodically.


For my review i was sent some vouchers to buy my own which i bought from Booths which is quite handy to me, i bought 3 of the 500g pots which were Russian Fudge, Luscious Lemon and a limited edition one which was Raspberry and Ameretto. I am a bit fussy when it comes to yoghurts but these had a double helping of compote along with the thick and creamy and smooth to the taste, the Luscious Lemon tastes to me a bit like Lemon Meringue pie (which i love). I definitely enjoyed these yoghurts and to top these delicious yoghurts off they only contain 5% fat too 🙂

My Purchases

My Purchases


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