Tetley Tea


Drinking tea is iconically known as a British thing to do/drink.  I for one am predominantly a tea drinker like millions of other people in the UK.


It was in Yorkshire, England in 1837 that the Tetley brothers went in to business and in 1953 they first introduced the first teabag to the UK, by 1968 tea sales had risen to 5,000 tonnes a year, 1989 introduced the round teabag.  Tetley also have a range of green/fruit teas which were on out shelves by 2004. You can find out more here

For the endless cups of tea we all drink Tetley buy in over one million kilos of tea.


Tetley were kind enough to send us a box of their New Estate Collection for us to try and review free of charge, which was great as we drink a lot of tea and even more when my mum visits lol.

This collection has been hand picked at high altitude from the east of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.


I am a lover of Tetley tea and i really enjoyed the taste  of the New Estate collection to me it was has a stronger flavour but still tasty all the same, and i do think i prefer this blend over the classic blend.


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