Christmas has come early with personalised cakes from Bakerdays


You will find Bakerdays situated on the outskirts of The Sherwood Forest, which was founded by Andrea Guzyova and Alan Hawkes who is a greetings card entrepreneur.

Bakerdays have an array of cake sizes, designs and flavours which can be personalised to suit your occasion, and if you can’t find what your looking for drop them a line and they will design one for you at no extra cost! To make sure they reach you fresh they are handmade to order. One of the sizes is a letterbox cake which is a really cute wee cake (for 1 or 2 persons) that does fit through your letterbox, these are great for as a wee gift for someone especially with the gorgeous new Christmas designs.

I was sent a Christmas letterbox cake to which i had to choose the design which was really hard as they have some really cute designs, i chose a the fluffy penguins design,



although if i had may way i would have chose one of each of the gorgeous designs, the cake flavour i received was a fruit cake which i wasn’t sure if i would like but to be honest i really enjoyed it as it was not too rich like some fruit cakes you can buy,

The cake was well packages arrived in a box with a little gift card Christmas hat, Christmas cracker and of course the cake itself in a lovely tin which can be used to for something else once the cake is all finished.

IMG-20131028-00990 IMG-20131028-00989

Take a look at the range of designs and flavours here at Bakerdays






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