Boost Morale

A few years ago when my marriage ended i wanted to do something to take my mind off things, as i was alone in a country with no family(i had some good friends but as with everyone they had their own things going on too). So i signed up for adopt a US soldier…you have to register on the site to which your details have to be verified and then you get info on your given soldier which takes about 2-3 days. After a couple of days i received my soldiers details i wrote but didn’t get a reply so it was kind of a none starter which at that time looking back was probably a good thing in long run as i had a lot of changes and stuff happening.

Anyway recently a friend of mine said she wanted to write to someone in the forces so i told her about the adopt a US soldier and she now has her soldier to converse/correspond with, which prompted me to try again which i have done and upon checking my email this morning i have details of my soldier and have sent my first email.

I think this kind of thing is a great idea for all the guys a girls out there who spend alot of time away from their families and loved ones especially at this time of year.

If you are interested in doing the same check out their website here.


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