Beauty in a Box


Betrousse is one of many companies which provide beauty boxes which i had not heard of until a friend told me about them so i was excited to see what they were all about. The beauty boxes are delivered to your door for a Cost of £10-£20 and have a range of products inside that are worth alot more than what you pay in costs.

Betrousse offer a different themed beauty kit each month, i received the Trousse Absolutely Fabulous kit which contained   DUCK ISLAND Sensuous Shampoo was lightly fragranced and left my hair feeling really clean. There was an  exfoliate creme which was really nice and gentle on my face, also there was the hedelweiss serum and cream by HELENERE this left my skin feeling really soft.  The skin-balancing face wash ORGANIC SURGE left my face feeling so clean and refreshed without drying or irritating my skin . And finally a Sculpted Silhouette Inch wrap Firming Gel. All of these products were lightly fagranced and not harsh on the skin at all. 

betrousse 3

This particular kit is currently £19 the contents are normally £119 bargain! They come in a lovely packaged box about the size of a shoe box.








merry christmas





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