Less waffle at the table with McCain.


A good business comes from good ethics which is the philosophy of the McCain brothers the founders of the famous McCain brand. They carry this theory through all aspects of their life from their products, the customers and the farmers they work with. As well as taking care of the business they are also out there with the community and environment.

The McCain family values include a positive can do attitude, strive for excellence in all they do, work hard everyday to ensure smiles on the faces of their customers and consumers but to top it off they take pride in being a family business.


Just before Christmas i was sent a couple of packets of McCain Waffles. I am not normally a fan of things like waffles but these were really nice. The kids and I ate them regularly for the duration of the packets (2 x pkt of 8). They were full of potato not hollow like some products of a similar kind.

They are so quick to cook and go with all sorts, beans, spaghetti, fried egg, on their own with lashings of butter or even as a part of a Sunday fry up, which was a favourite of ours. I will definitely be purchasing these in the future

waffles McCain are available from all leading supermarkets eg Tesco, Check out the range of products McCain have to offer here.


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