Protection from Hedrin

Since being back at school in September my little one has come home with 3 or 4 letters in regards to the dreaded head lice going around, which i have been lucky to avoid so far, but to make things easier a great new product from Hedrin called Hedrin Protect and Go.

As far as head lice treatments go Hedrin are number one in the UK, with a range of lice treatments on offer. Hedrin Protect and Go has been clinically proven as a head lice protection and also a conditioning spray, it is gentle enough to be used on small children from 6 months as well as being used daily on wet or dry hair with no need to wash out.



I was pleasantly surprised by the fragrance it wasn’t an unpleasant strong smell that you get with many other Lice treatments but was in fact very pleasant and fruity scent comprising of orange and mango.


This product is available from most chemists and priced very well especially as you can use it daily. It costs approximately £4.30 for a 120ml bottle prices may vary.

Also available on the Hedrin website is info on treating and preventing lice which can be found here.


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