Warm up with Glorious Soup


Glorious are passionate about the flavours of their soups and dips, they have a very authentic and unique tastes from many different countries, they come in fresh and funky containers (thus not needing to put into a different container after opening like with cans). The product are free from flavour enhancers nor do they contain artificial colours and comply with the  FSA 2012 salt guidelines.

There are a lot of unique flavours in the range which can be found here on their website.

I was sent some vouchers to purchase some for myself to try and review. I chose  New England Butternut Squash and Fragrant Thai Carrot.

The Butternut one i chose for Mr 6 as he likes pumpkin soup but have been unable to find any in the supermarket for him and thought this would suffice and although had a bit of spice to it which i didn’t expect but was pleasantly suprised as it wasn’t overly spicy and Mr 6 and I enjoyed it very much.  The colours and flavours coincide well for this time of year.

The 2nd one i tried was Fragrant Thai Carrot which when you first open it and taste it you can smell and taste the coconut along with   carrot, lemongrass, ginger, lime and coriander, very flavoursome with a kick i enjoyed this one very warming which is what is needed on these dark cold evenings.


Our Choices

Our Choices


Black Farmer Breakfast Pack


The founder of The Black Farmer range Wilfred Emmanuel – Jones can be found on his farm high up on the hills of the Devon & Cornwall border.

It was after many years of travelling Wilfred would return to the UK  yearning  like many men for a full English breakfast, but some realised the poor quality of such produce we see all the time in our supermarkets.  He went on to develop a sausage with higher meat content and uses 100% British pork in his sausages which are also made with soya flour thus creating a lighter sausage so that everyone including those with allergies could enjoy a good ole British Sausage.


He also produces free range eggs, bacon, chicken and cheese to find out more check out his website on the link above.


We were sent a breakfast pack which contained 6 free range eggs, 6 gluten free pork sausages and dry cured hickory smoked back bacon. I must say i was dubious about trying the gluten free sausages but i was certainly pleasantly suprised they were delicious, as were the eggs and bacon. You can cook them in the usual ways grill fry barbecue, i did mine in my George Foreman (as i do for all things similar)and i was pleased to see there wasn’t a lot of fat from them and the bacon did not shrink unlike some you can buy. Both sausages and bacon were very flavorsome.


Tetley Tea


Drinking tea is iconically known as a British thing to do/drink.  I for one am predominantly a tea drinker like millions of other people in the UK.


It was in Yorkshire, England in 1837 that the Tetley brothers went in to business and in 1953 they first introduced the first teabag to the UK, by 1968 tea sales had risen to 5,000 tonnes a year, 1989 introduced the round teabag.  Tetley also have a range of green/fruit teas which were on out shelves by 2004. You can find out more here

For the endless cups of tea we all drink Tetley buy in over one million kilos of tea.


Tetley were kind enough to send us a box of their New Estate Collection for us to try and review free of charge, which was great as we drink a lot of tea and even more when my mum visits lol.

This collection has been hand picked at high altitude from the east of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.


I am a lover of Tetley tea and i really enjoyed the taste  of the New Estate collection to me it was has a stronger flavour but still tasty all the same, and i do think i prefer this blend over the classic blend.

Gourmet Yoghurts by The Collective


The Collective Dairy was created in New Zealand by two kiwi chefs Ofer and Angus.  And within 10 months it became the best gourmet yoghurt.  The talented chefs teamed up with a couple of entrepreneurs Amelia and Mike from the UK to get their delicious yoghurts in to homes across the UK.

The yoghurts come in 2 sizes 500g/170g(RRP £2.39/£1)with a variety of flavours and a few limited edition flavours which changes periodically.


For my review i was sent some vouchers to buy my own which i bought from Booths which is quite handy to me, i bought 3 of the 500g pots which were Russian Fudge, Luscious Lemon and a limited edition one which was Raspberry and Ameretto. I am a bit fussy when it comes to yoghurts but these had a double helping of compote along with the thick and creamy and smooth to the taste, the Luscious Lemon tastes to me a bit like Lemon Meringue pie (which i love). I definitely enjoyed these yoghurts and to top these delicious yoghurts off they only contain 5% fat too 🙂

My Purchases

My Purchases

Dream come true <3

I have been planning this for a few days and today is when it happened, I have waited 25 years for such a day.

What is she on about I hear you say? Well today I met….Shriek


Well 1/3 of them being the gorgeous Matt Goss .

Although as a teen i was an avid Brossette i wasn’t allowed to go to concerts and follow them around, but i bought all the magazines, badges, LP’s and the grolsch tops for my shoes.

Grolsch Tops

Grolsch Tops

But now as an adult i am able to go and see him and this is what happened the day my dreams came true…

I travelled from Blackpool to Rochdale to stay with family so i could be closer to the venue which was #HMVMANCHESTER, he was there signing his new album #lifeyouimagine which is a totally different sound to his Bros days but is still an awesome CD (not that I am biased)take a listen here. So this morning started with a 5am wake up call to get the Metrolink to Manchester which arrived at 6.45am and got us to Manchester about 7.30am to get a good spot in the queue, we were about 12th in line. Matt was signing from 10am so we had a bit of a wait (we being myself and Mr 6 who was extremely good waiting outside until we went in), we went inside just before 10 where we continued to queue until the main man arrived. At this point i am feeling nauseous with nerves and excitement when he arrived there were a lot of cheers and he was a vision of lushessness lol.


Didn’t take long until it was our turn to meet Matt, I let Mr 6 go up the steps first where he received an AWWW from the other fans and he was greeted warmly by Matt who asked him for a hug/handshake but Mr 6 was being shy, so i picked him up to be closer to Matt’s level, where Matt proceeded to tickle him, Mr 6 tried to hide his grin.

Being greeted when it was our turn, Matt saying he looks like a movie star

Being greeted when it was our turn, Matt saying he looks like a movie star


Being Tickled

It was after this Matt signed my CD…

My signed CD

My signed CD

After he signed my CD i got my cuddle and it was the best cuddle i didn’t want to let go, hoping there is plenty more of them, he smelt sooo good. I am hoping to go and see him at Caesars Palace for my 40th.




Matt is such a lovely guy, friendly and gently spoken, a real gent. He was so cute with Mr 6, from this experience i have gained some lovely new friends. #MGA


Thank you Matt for coming to my hometown and for the experience, please come back soon we love you xx





Add a little bit of funkiness to your home with Spearmark

Spearmark International is a privately owned business based in Cambridgeshire, which was founded in 1908.
They operate as two divisions. Housewares and Lighting, they specialise in children’s licensed products that sell throughout Europe as well as the UK. They work with some of your favorite brands and characters such as Disney Cars 2, Tree fu Tom, Winnie the Pooh, My Little Pony to name but a few.They have an array of products ranging from Desk lamps, night lights, cutlery, lunch boxes and bags, to suit adults, students and the younger generation.We were generously sent some products from their range to try out.

Moshi Monsters Illumi-mate

OMG these Illumi-mates are so cute they are available in 2 of the Moshi Monsters Characters Poppet and Katsuma.

Moshimonsterslight Picture0238 Picture0237 These make fantastic night lights because the colour change is subtle and automatic, they are battery operated and do not get hot so safe for a child to hold throughout the night.

They are a cool idea for a child to take on holiday or a trip to nanas if they are maybe fretful of the dark.

These neat wee lights can be purchased from Amazon, Toys r us, Debenhams online, Tesco online, and Argos.

Working Lunch Bag

lunchbagThese neat lunch bags are made from a stretchy material called Neoprene and can be washed at 30 degrees. They are great for picnics and in my case handy for a Saturday morning around the football field keeping the little ones drink and snacks cooler for longer. They are currently available in 3 sizes and colours. These are available from Amazon, Ryman’s and some Tesco stores.

Desk light


These funky desk lights are great for the office or study and trendy enough for your teens bedroom. They are minimalistic in the design but with the 8 bright led lights and arch design makes it bright enough for late night study without being distracting to others in the room, which is operated by a push button.

They are available in Black or white, i can purchase an adapter or just use batteries for a more flexable use. Ideal gift for the older child. These are available from most B&Q stores


Please visit Spearmark on FACEBOOK to keep up to date with their latest funky products. We have enjoyed our fabulous products, the wee nightlight is a firm favourite in our household