After finally and slowly getting sorted in to life in our house and back in the UK i decided was time to get Mr E in to some activities as i would like him to be involved in things, have interests, make new friends and burn some energy as opposed to sitting home doing nothing.

I also would like to get him into swimming also as i think that is a good thing t be able to do i am far from a competent swimmer.

So on the 28th of September i took him to the local sports field which i was told about by an old colleague, and got him started in lil kids football. It happens on a Saturday morning between 9.30/10 am until about midday they do about an hour or so of training and then the rest of the time they are split into little teams and have a wee game with each other.


1234542_10152014031881874_2126367558_n 1380156_10152014029211874_1922013682_n 558559_10152014030371874_1228928085_nMaster 6 really enjoyed his first session and did really well getting involved and generally just giving it a go as sometimes he can be a little shy and lack confidence to try something new. I was really proud of him, so this week we went out and purchased a pair of football boots ready for this weeks session (5th oct).

559451_10152028793116874_2091181532_n (1)Next purchase “THE KIT”.

Watch this space for more sporting pictures. x


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